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2015 RMM Recognition Recipient Case Studies

As of the mid-2000s, enterprise risk management (ERM) has emerged not only as a suggested best practice, but as a regulatory requirement for both public and private companies. Regulatory authorities and independent reports have accepted the RIMS Risk Maturity Model as a tool by which organizations across industries can accurately assess the adequacy of their ERM program.

The RMM Recognition Program seeks to recognize organizations that have adopted and operationalized mature ERM processes, as outlined by the RIMS Risk Maturity Model’s proven umbrella framework. This includes ERM programs that achieve a maturity level of 3 or higher, as defined by the RMM assessment. Such scores indicate the presence of scalable, repeatable, and sustainable enterprise risk management practices.

In 2015, dozens of qualifying organizations were evaluated. Of those, 16 received the inaugural 2015 RMM Recognition.

These case studies highlight previous RMM Recognition recipients; sharing their success stories, providing insights from organizational achievement, and outlining next steps for continued maturity and growth.

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