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Your solution helped me expand our reach from just me with my limited information as a Director of Risk Management to engage our Executives.

Director, Risk Management, Hospital



I enjoy using your tools. It helps me gain greater perspective of our efforts with ERM. I look forward using this tool and becoming more advanced in the future.

Compliance and Risk Senior Specialist – Electric Infrastructure

Great tool and easy to use, thanks!

Risk and Assurance Manager, Energy Utility

In larger organizations, there is considerable “risk silo creation” and different progress in each. You helped us consider a common framework across our silos (eg Operational Risk, Digital Security, Crisis & Continuity Management, General Security etc).

Business Continuity Sme, Oil & Gas

Great tool to get an overall risk profile.

Risk Manager, Oil & Gas

This is the first comprehensive and complete ERM Assessment I have carried out. Thank you.

Risk & Financial Analyst, Energy

Great product!

Finance & Risk Management Vice President, Utility Authority



Assessment criteria is to the point making you quickly realize what your ERM program is not covering yet. The distinction between front-line management responsibility and role of risk manager/officer could be better emphasized. In our organization business believes the risk officer should identify and manage the risk on behalf of the business unit.

– Head of Risk, Banking

The survey was easy to take and was very helpful in providing a qualitative measure of progress.

– Chief Compliance Officer, Banking

Thank you very much for providing this service – I find it quite useful.

– Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management, Banking



I have completed the assessment without any prior knowledge of RIMS or its standards. You helped me to benchmark myself against other organisations. Many thanks.

– Executive Manager, Risk & Compliance, Insurance

We utilized ERM as a one-time snapshot of risks and events to develop a mitigation or transfer of risk plan. You solution helped us to evolve our ERM as an ongoing integrated process.

– Treasurer, Insurance

Excellent exercise. I do it every six months to measure progress.

– Risk Consultant, Insurance Broker

With your help we have completed an ERM Phase 1 project and have identified our risks, mapped them and have identified the risk mitigation associated with each. Business units and the PMO are responsible for their individual risk mitigation. Now looking at ERM Phase II and it is helping us define our objectives for this phase.

– Risk Manager, Insurance



This is a very helpful exercise that just by ‘asking the right questions’ leads the participant to important insights.

– Senior Manager, It Compliance & Control, Manufacturing



As a new risk manager, at a company that has just started to implement risk management, I knew I had had my work cut out for me, but my goodness, this was an eye opener! I really enjoyed the tool.

– Corporate Controller, Transportation



Great survey tool, will be very helpful as we begin to define, benchmark and improve our Risk Management department.

– Risk Manager, State Government Agency

Thank you for the opportunity to use this tool, you should add a specific conference about this tool at the next RIMS Conference.

– Risk Control Officer, Federal Government Agency



I am one of those people who is learning risk management on the job. My background is loss prevention and compliance, so it helped me learn risk management terminology.

– Business Officer, Higher Education Institution

I find this most helpful. It is a very thorough approach to measuring our internal ERM application. We are in the very early in the development stage (info gathering) so it was a useful guide. Thank you.

– Manager, Risk Management and Insurance, Higher Education Institution



Very useful tool for the organization’s self assessment. I will immediately use to improve our company’s ERM program. Thank you!

– General Manager, Pharmaceuticals



I have found the assessment and the guidelines are very useful as they not only indicated the maturity, they also provided a framework for further maturing ERM in our companies.

– Principal Risk Specialist, Telecommunications



I am new in my role, and while I have done Risk Management previously, my new company is much more complicated. Your information is useful and greatly appreciated!

– Director, Risk Management, Agriculture



The survey really makes you think. The reports were usefulness to evaluate how to close the gaps we have.

– Vice President, Strategic Alignment and Risk Management, Retail