2018 RMM Recognition Recipients

2018 Recipients

The author of the RMM, and CEO of LogicManager, Steven Minsky announced the recipients of the 2018 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program at the RIMS ERM Conference in Montreal, Canada during the ERM Leaders Recognition Luncheon on October 30, 2018. Congratulations to these 14 organizations for implementing sustainable and repeatable risk management programs!

2018 RMM Recognition Recipients

To learn about the robust enterprise risk management programs of the receiving organizations, download the official RMM Recognition Case Studies from previous recipients.

“The RMM serves as a useful reminder of the various attributes of ERM maturity, and it is a resource in setting ERM program goals.”

– Carrie Frandsen, Manager, Enterprise Risk Services, at University of California, 2017 RMM Recognition Recipient

“RMM is really helpful in generating impetus around ERM which to the average person in the company is hard to make very tangible. It is a good news story to generate a positive message around.”

argo-erm– Alex Hindson, Chief Risk Officer at Argo Group, 2015 , 2016, and 2017 RMM Recognition Recipient