2016 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Recipients

2016 Recipients

The recipients of the 2016 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program were announced by the author of the RMM, and CEO of LogicManager, Steven Minsky at the 2016 RIMS ERM Conference in Atlanta during the ERM Leaders Recognition Luncheon on October 25, 2016. Congratulations to these 14 organizations! It is the second year in a row that 10 of these organizations are being recognized!




To learn about the robust enterprise risk management programs of the receiving organizations, download the official RMM Recognition Case Studies from previous recipients.

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Enhancing risk management to be proactive risk taking and cover strategy is still new, and there is no textbook approach for all to use. In the development [of a program], the RMM maturity model is a strong guide as to where to focus your efforts for optimal impact and value.

lego-system-erm –  Hans Læssøe, Former Senior Director, Strategic Risk Management at LEGO Systems A/S, 2015 and 2016 RMM Recognition Recipient




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Argo Group is delighted to be recognized for the second year within the Risk Maturity Model scheme. Within Argo, the Risk Maturity Model is a key tool that we have used to articulate our risk strategy to the Board of Directors and external stakeholders such as credit rating agencies and regulators. It has allowed us to monitor and track progress over time and make adjustments to our enterprise risk management program as the need arises. It is a powerful communication tool and we are thankful for [the] continued support and recognition.

argo-erm– Alex Hindson, Chief Risk Officer at Argo Group, 2015 and 2016 RMM Recognition Recipient 




2016 RMM Recognition Recipients Greater Toronto Airports Authority Received 2016 RMM Recognition
2016 RMM Recognition Recipients received their award at the RIMS ERM Conference in Atlanta.
From left to right: Mark Mclean, Honeywell; Janet Nasburg, Intuit; Steven Minsky, LogicManager; Candi Davidson, Lockheed Martin; Chan Crownover, Lockheed Martin; Reggie Bogart, Centene Corporation.
Deane Johanas accepts the 2016 RMM Recognition for Greater Toronto Airports Authority.