Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program 2015 Recipients

2015 Recipients

The recipients of the inaugural 2015 Risk Maturity Model Recognition Program were announced by author of the RMM and LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky at the 2015 RIMS ERM Conference in Chicago during the ERM Leaders Recognition Luncheon on October 27, 2015. Congratulations to the 16 organizations!

RMM Recipients 2015 Logos

To learn about the robust enterprise risk management programs of these 16 organizations, download the official RMM Recognition Case Studies.

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“After taking the reins of the ERM program at one of the fastest-growing banks in the US, it became clear that I had a unique opportunity to formalize and mature our risk management process, while at the same time making sure the bank remained nimble and business-focused. Maturing our ERM program using the Risk Maturity Model framework has allowed us to punch far above our weight in the white-hot Florida banking industry, yet appropriately mitigate long-tail risks that could imperil the safety and soundness of the company. By leveraging industry-agnostic best practices incorporated into the RMM, C1 Bank has been able to break down the risk silos across the enterprise—all while competing in a highly regulated environment. Successfully implementing this ERM methodology has proven to be a game-changing competitive advantage for us.”

                                — Jim Steiner, Chief Risk Officer at C1 Bank, a recipient of the inaugural RMM Recognition Program.  c1 bank


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RMM 2015 Recipients
Those who recipients who were in attendance were called to receive their award.
Representative Recipients from left to right: Mary Roth (RIMS), Centene, IATA, Catalyst Corporate Credit Union, Lockheed Martin, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, C1 Bank, Steven Minsky (LogicManger)
Watch Steven Minsky, author of the Risk Maturity Model and CEO of LogicManager, address the RIMS ERM Conference.